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NHP, a nonprofit organization
Today you received an invitation you have come to expect. The invitation is from Olivia Frances, a close personal friend from Steubenville, Ohio. Olivia has been the chairperson of NHP, a nonprofit organization that helps raise money for a children’s hospital near Steubenville.
Because of your national reputation as a magician and your friendship with Olivia, you have been invited for several years in a row, to do a magic show at the organization’s annual conference. The magic show has been a big money maker for the hospital. You have enjoyed volunteering your time to help such a worthy cause and to help a dear friend.
However, this year your daughter’s high school drill team has been selected to compete in the national drill team championship in Orlando, Florida. You and your spouse have decided to serve as chaperones for the drill team. Unfortunately, the competition is the same weekend as the organization’s conference. Therefore, you must deny your friend’s request to do the magic show.
Write a memo to Olivia letting her know the bad news. You would be willing to do the show on another weekend, or you know a friend who might volunteer to do a comedy show.