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Needs Assessment Development
Develop 10 open-ended and 10 close-ended questions relevant to your topic identified in Week One “meet your mentor” assignment. (Topic from week one is Retaining Nurse).
Associate these questions to a needs assessment you might use for your practicum project (Retaining Nurses).My statement is something like, Why do many new nurses become burnt out within the first year. My goal statement will strategize ways to keep nurses for years and years
Explain the difference in open-ended and close-ended questions as it relates to the development of the actual questions and data analysis
Explain how open-ended and close-ended questions can be used in a needs assessment appropriate to your topic.
Provide 4 Ewfwewncw
Hopefully information provided will help
clinical assignment from week 1
The clinical assignment chosen is “Retention of Nurses”. Retaining nurses continue to be an ongoing problem, in nursing today. The lack of nursing in all the professions causes stress cause a decrease in nursing care. Many nurses are overstress, leading to burnout within the first year of a nurse career, which many resign as a nurse to earn another degree in another heath career
The reason this topic was chosen by me because I had worked years ago and observed how joyful the nursing career was back in the 70s, compared to today. Nurses stayed for a lifetime and everyone seemed happy. There were times we had more nurses than patients, which each of us found things to do during our downtime. I was a certified nurse’s aide at that time. Everyone worked together as a team, the entire shift. Today nurses help at his or her convenience or may not help at all. I see new nurses struggle through the day. The audience I would like to inspire are nurses, as well as student nurses
Retaining nurses consist of finding ways or strategies to maintain nurses at one facility for a multiple years, as well as, bring new nurses to the facility. One concept that will be observed while the assignments enlarge for the practicum is the need to listen. Effective listen and communication promotes new ideas leading to change. Another concept is caring. The Theory of Caring by Watson and Swanson will be incorporated in the practicum, once completed.
Conducting an effective needs assessment. Week 2
In conducting an effective needs assessment in nursing, various important aspects are considered. The unprecedented step involves the development of a training program and the determination as to whether the training program is required. Any needs assessment plan includes various important variables that determine its success (Cekada, 2011). Some of the common variables utilized include time, resource and money used to develop and conduct training to achieve the desired performance of the program (Cekada, 2011). An effective needs management depends on the model utilized and how the needs assessment would successfully assist those being trained. Assessment is carried at the end to determine if training program was successful.
Clinical – Practicum Learning Agreement Week 2
The topic for my Practicum will be Strategic ways to retain Nurses. Many students are anxious to begin his or her career as a Registered Nurse, but soon learn that this career is very challenging. The stress leads to new nurses become burnt out within months. I plan to study these new nurses then try to come up with ways to keep these nurses without becoming burnt out. I plan to observe and collect as much data as possible, to understand why there are many student nurses but a shortage of nurses one year after graduation and passing the state boards. Could it be as many experienced nurses say “Nurses eat their young,” or “The strong will survive?”
My goal statement, which the project practicum is focused to nurses and student nurses and future nurses would be maintaining a strong, safe environment for nurses that is here to stay With education and understanding while applying new information will help the younger generation of nurses learn and ambitious to continue knowledge for years to come. I see this project at the present as educational, but I also believe that administration will also play a role in change.
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