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It is necessary for military professionals to take the time to study military history, for it aids in not only their personal success but also in the success of the mission at hand. When one understands past failures and the causes, they are able to better wage what necessary actions must be taken to achieve success. Also knowledge is power. The more information a NCO has, the greater ability he has to make decisions which will allow him and his team to operate in a more safe and effective manner. By combining past success and failures with personal experiences, a NCO is better equipped for quick and effective decision making.
When one studies a past battle which has similar characteristics to the mission at hand, it enables them to decipher what caused the success or failure of that battle, thus enabling them to apply the knowledge to the current mission. In studying the Seminole Indian Wars in comparison to the Indian Wars, a NCO can clearly see how past failures gave working knowledge as to what to change to be successful in the newer Indian Wars.
Through the war with the Semiā€¦