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_________ kilograms body weight × 0.8 gram protein/kilogram of body weight = _____gms protein (this is Emily’s MINIMAL protein need per day)
calculate 35% of 2000 kcal; 2000 x 0.35 = ____________
Answer these following:
The two minerals most likely to fall short in the diet are iron and calcium. Interestingly, both are found in protein-rich foods, but not in the same foods. Meats, fish, and poultry are rich in iron but poor in calcium. Conversely, milk and milk products are rich in calcium but poor in iron. Including meat or meat alternates for iron and milk and milk products for calcium can help defend against iron deficiency and osteoporosis, respectively. Determine whether these food choices are typical of your diet.
For frequency per week: write in how many times per week you choose foods from the food choices: the answer will range from 0 times per week up to about 21 times per week (considering we eat up to 21 meals per week, if we eat 3 meals per day)
(3 points for the chart if complete and complements the short answer responses)
(6 points for the short answer). Please provide a comprehensive response showing that you understand what your dietary needs are and whether you meet those needs (think whole foods and fortified foods).
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