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n Depth Critique/Argument: This gives you a chance to rip apart, fully analyze, and break down any film related to the course. This is the same as the first paper assignment, but more in depth. You may choose a film we watched in class, OR a film that we’ve talked about but haven’t watched (such as American Sniper), OR another film of your choice. I attached the research outline. GuidelinesFor this assignment, you have to not only include your own experience, but conduct interviews with others on the social significance of the film. This paper must include at least 2 interviews. (see the article ‘Straddling the Cultural Divide – Chapter 7” from week 7’s reading assignment for an example paper that uses this approach.) All papers regardless of type MUST directly quote the texts read for class or other scholarly texts. You need to use at least 3-5 source texts. Of these, you need to use at least 2 sources from the reading material from class. If you plan to also use other source texts, you can list them on the first part of the assignment, the research outline, and I will give you feedback/approval on it. If you would like suggestions from me for theorists and/or other texts to relate to your paper, I’m happy to make suggestions and to brainstorm ideas Your paper must: • present a clearly constructed argument bolstered by evidence/examples. • engage substantively with the topic of this class. • demonstrate a facility with the relevant concepts. • maintain the standards of academic prose and citation. • 12 point font, double spaced • In the heading of your paper, please also put what paper type you have chosen to write. (1, 2, or 3).
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