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Mycologists, here are the instructions for grading the essay. Please read through thoroughly before beginning. And please follow all instructions. The draft essay will be submitted in a D2L dropbox. We will put all awarded points in the comment box with the following format. Please use MS Word for the essay. We will not grade any essay submitted in another file format.
Points for Signup and Outline (20)
1. Pre-submission sign up (4)
2. Title page (2)
3. First paragraph, opening sentence and thesis statement (4)
4. Topic sentence for next 4 paragraphs (8). No info for conclusion paragraph needed just yet. That will come when the essay is almost finished.
5. References (at least two right now) (2)
Points for Draft (80)
6. The essay is exactly 6 paragraphs long (6 X 2 pts = 12 pts). One point deducted for each extra paragraph.
7. Minimum of 1000 words in the body of the essay (10 pts). All or nothing. Two points deducted for essays over 1200 words. Number of words does not include title page, running header, or references.
8. Follow recommended APA format for the body of the essay (running head, title page, margins, font, size indentation, spacing). (7 X 2 pts = 14 pts). For APA formatting, go to
9. Underline the Thesis Statement and the Concluding Statement, and then all paragraph topic sentences (including introduction and conclusion paragraphs) (8 X 2 pts = 16 pts). One point deducted for each poorly developed statement/sentence.
10. 3rd person format (6 pts)
11. Five references in APA format, two that are from primary literature (5 X 2 pts = 10 pts). Mark each of the two primary references with an asterisk (2 pts). One point deducted for each reference not in APA format.
12. At least one in-text citation per paragraph (except conclusion) in proper APA format. (5 X 2 pts = 10 pts). One point deducted for each citation not in APA format.
13. Extra points for super creative titles (+2 pts or +4 pts)!
14. Two points deducted for each misspelled word. Use Spell Check!!
15. Two points deducted for gross grammatical errors.
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