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Thesis: Organization member can be effectively motivated by organizational leaders
Motivational Styles
Motivation is the ultimate goal of management in business, and the topic of multiple seminars, books, and videos. Engendering the emotional energy of frontline workers is the most difficult challenge facing organizational leaders worldwide. The is a difficult task because “most frontline employees work for a regular paycheck and nothing more; they never emotionally connect with their employers, let alone care about the company’s long-term performance.” (Katzenbach) By following the principles employed by successful organizations, organization member can be effectively motivated by their leaders.
One method of inserting motivation into the lives of organization members is through what Katzenbach and Santamaria explore in their article in Harvard Business Review, the “mission, values, and pride” path to an emotionally engaged, high-performing workforce. This is a system where emotional energy is generated by mutual trust, collective pride, and self-discipline. The employees are typically proud of the aspirations, accomplishments, and legacy of their organization; they share its values. This method is typical of the U.S. Marine Corps, 3M, and the New York City Ballet.
A second method is to set transparent performance measures and standards and to have a clear tracking of results. This fosters deeper organizational …