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There never seems to be an answer to that one moment of action. There are numerous factors that keep the world in a balance every second. If one of these is slightly altered, the stability is broken, the harmony shattered, the world changed. However, the answer one should give to these moments is unclear. Whether those moments are for the better or the worse, only time can tell.
As the fourth quarter clock winds down to the final seconds of a crucial game, the quarterback completes a long range pass for the game winning touchdown. At the moment of its occurrence, it is a tempest of action that can determine the future for many of those involved. It is one of those moments without any explanation. The quarterback might have caught attention from a national football league scout. Maybe the touchdown receiver would be heralded as a hero for his team for years to come. It could possibly affect somebody watching the game from the other side of the world, causing them to realize that nothing is impossible. Though these are the results that primarily come to mind, there is a side to the play that is frequently overshadowed. What happened if the star wide receiver got hurt on the play, and it ends up being a career-ending injury? What about the reputation of the losing coach, who could get fired at the end of the season due to that one loss? All these happen in an instant, a second, just a moment of action that creates an impact that doesn’t have a response.
As a car passes by, a pedestrian stumbles over his own shoes, and dives headfirst into the path of the charging vehicle. After the dust clears, police handcuff the driver, and the victim’s family is making plans for a funeral. That one moment of action just affected two unfortunate people’s families, and possibly even more than that. The driver was going at fairly legal speeds, and he ended up being detained for murder. The man who was killed was the only one supporting his wife and son, yet he is gone and his family is stranded. As the moment passes, one can only imagine what would have gone down IF something else happened. If only the pedestrian had taken an extra second to tie his shoes, he would have lived to see the light of day for another second. If the driver had been in a little less hurry, he would have had time to see the pedestrian and swerve to avoid him. Though many substitute scenarios are considered, the outcome is what it is, and will remain so.
A starving animal is hunting for anything that it can eat to sustain itself, buy it some more time. It sees its prey, possibly its last hope. The last vestiges of its strengths are expended to pounce, yet at the last second the prey jumps away. A flurry of events take place in the next few minutes. The predator dies, the prey lives. A turn for the better? Or one for the worse? That moment once again can take a huge swing in either way. The animal that died could have been the leader of a pack that is now in chaos. The animal who lived was able to use the dead predator for its own nourishment and feed its family for days to come. Perhaps, just perhaps, things could have been the other way around. The fortunate prey could have belonged to a overpopulated species who needed to be killed off. Similarly, the predator could have been part of an endangered species. The action could have been interpreted in several different ways.
Actions are considered to be exertions of force, or energetic activities. A single moment of time can consist of many actions. As illustrated above, there are many different results possible for each one. A good thing can come with a bad thing, like a winning touchdown pass along with an injured wide receiver. Alternatives are considered, such as the speed of the driver or the awareness of the pedestrian. Events can be judged one way or another, depending whether you are the predator or the prey. There is an answer to each action that disturbs the balance of the world: the one thing that these actions can not affect. The perspective that one takes during that moment of action.