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The Civil War is known as the deadliest and bloodiest war of the 19th and 18th century. The reason being is that there were so many new ways of killing more people and finding a more efficient and resourceful way of doing it.
The biggest change in the war was the way the rifle took on so many changes. The rifle before the war that was most commonly used was the 1795 Springfield Arsenal musket, it was a smooth bore muzzle loader.
The Springfield rifle before the Civil War was a heavy weapon that was highly inaccurate to distances of more than 75- 100 yards. The main reason for the Rifle’s inaccuracy was the fact that the barrel of the rifle didn’t have rifling. Rifling is grooves in the barrel of a firearm that makes the bullet spin and stabilizing it in flight making distance greater and far more accurate.
The first rifle to introduce rifling to the gun barrel was the Springfield Model 1861. The Springfield used a percussion cap firing mechanism.(which was far more reliable than the old flintlock firing mechanism) It fired a .58 caliber projectile called the Minie ball. The Minie …