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“Hi. My name is John Doe. My sufferings are endless. I can’t take it anymore. It’s time to put an end to this. I’m going to call the police and report to them that I am a battered husband.” How many times have you heard this line? Or have you ever heard someone say this line? I’ll bet that even if you watch television the whole week or listen to the radio the whole month, you’ll never hear those lines. It’s quite puzzling to realize that only women are given priority by the government when it comes to domestic violence. In households nowadays, thousands of Adam’s descendants are enslaved by merciless animals called “Feminists” who brainwash everybody into believing that men are always the oppressors. In reality, men could also become victims of oppression from the opposite sex. Men could also become the weaker sex. Men have a right to be protected against domestic violence as much as women.
The media brainwash the world into believing that women are the “helpless individuals” who are abused by the “demonic” men. Try going to the cinema and see a few flicks. You’ll see that in almost every film, women are portrayed as angelic and harmless. This form of brainwashing is not only limited to the entertainment industry. Even in news channels, information is “controlled.” One specific example is the incident in BBC news last year wherein viewers were constantly subjected to scenes showing the Taleban police in Afghanistan whacking the women with sticks, while Feminists repeatedly condemn the policemen. But in one scene that was played once, a reporter was asking a policeman why the Taleban police force kept on hitting women and not men. The policeman chuckled and said “We do not need to hit the men because they are disciplined and orderly.” Sure enough, the men were shown lining up to get their relief goods while women acted like dogs scrambling for food. This segment was never again shown in BBC, and scenes of women being “abused” are a mainstay. Thus, Politicians and of course the government who seek the approval of the people show their “good side” by being supportive to women’s rights. What they fail to do is to also give importance to men’s rights.
The government only gives emphasis to women who are victims of domestic violence. Rare are the moments that you see an abused man being entertained by the police, or even the media for that matter. When women are abused, they only need to pick up the phone, and voila! The police immediately help the distressed maiden. On the other hand, men may pick up their phone to ask for help but to no avail; they may even get laughed or ignored completely. This should not be the case because the government should help out its troubled citizens fairly. Men and women are supposed to be treated equally which is ironic because women demand equality while at the same time, demand that they be treated as princesses in Alice’s wonderland. This explains why there is an abundance of feminist groups who “support” abused women while there are virtually no male organizations that fight for men’s rights. The feminist groups criticize and pulverize “male movement groups” to death. These feminists actually don’t care about the abused women because if there really did, they would be focused on fixing the problem between a husband and his wife. Instead, they encourage the government that men should be punished, without even hearing the men’s opinion regarding the matter. Men have a right to be heard and because there are almost no organizations helping abused men in voicing out their opinions, the government should also protect men against domestic violence and abuse.
It’s not true that men are more violent that women. We may not be able to see it, but women are more dangerous than say, a 7 foot man wielding a chainsaw because they have the power to manipulate men. Even in the beginning of time, Eve manipulated Adam and thus, we are all stuck in this mess of original sin. We may not be able to realize it at first but women have the capacity of making the most intelligent person the dumbest guy in planet Mars. Women certainly have the innate capacity to dominate a man in a household. Evidence of women being equally violent compared to men is the 1970 statistics in the USA showing that the number of men and women who are killed by their partners almost the same. Most murders were committed during the heat of an argument. After the rights against do…..