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After September 11th, 2001, millions of Americans feared for their safety, prayed for sanity and searched for a scapegoat. According to Laura Fokkena in the article “Are you a Terrorist, or Do You Play One on T.V.?,” America has certainly found its black sheep. The article attacks a discriminating nation that, according to the text, has created an Arab/Muslim stereotype to fit its own needs. Has America truly added fuel to the injustice fire or simply attempting to watch over its own?
For centuries America has discriminated against minorities who either refuse to speak or don’t have a voice. Fokkena attempts to speak on the behalf of the Arab Americans who do not fit the mold as Jasmine, princess from Aladdin or Muhammed Bahrib, extremist from Afghanistan. She argues that not only is the portrayal inaccurate but it continues to surface in all aspects of American culture including mass media. The spoofed Arab terrorist is not the only bone Fokkena has to pick with today’s society. As our president and his faithful subjects prepare to rid the world of terrorists, they become just…