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The argument against media censorship has been going on for years, even decades. It is still a hotbed issue for some. Should something that offends some be banned for everyone? Should forms of media be censored, and if so, how is it done fairly and equally? Arguments will be presented as well as some as some deeper issues as well.
The biggest issue in censorship currently is video games. Violence and content is the major issue and dispute about video games. Games are currently rated EC (Early Childhood) to AO (Adults Only). (ESRB) The basic argument was that the ratings system should enable parents to make good rental and purchasing decisions. With this system, parents can check the front and back of the game box and see the rating and what content makes this game get the rating it has. However, parents are just too busy to check into what their kids are watching or playing, most simply don’t have the time or resources to keep up with what their kids could be viewing on the television, or to monitor what video games they may be playing at home. Most parents, grandpa…