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Media Censorship Will Not Stop the Violence
Violence will be with us forever. We cannot change that. However, we can, and must change the way our children and we relate to it.  Leonard Pitts Jr., columnist for the Miami Herald, explains it this way:
Despite the way it seems, carnage did not begin at Columbine. To the contrary, human beings have always had a tremendous capacity to inflict pain on one another, a capacity that reaches far deeper than whatever is on the marquee at the local multiplex. I do not dispute that we live in a violence-besotted culture that has helped anesthetize children — all of us, really – to the effects of physical aggression. So yes, it is proper and necessary for us to debate the way violence is depicted. But that is not quite the same as saying we can or should be protected from it. (B07)
The focus should be placed on the type of violence we see rather than the amount. According to a new Harvard University study, published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, Walt Disney may be hazardous to children’s health. Researchers …