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Marketing/Business Internet Applications
Scenario: You are starting your own auction website. The aim of the site is to connect college students with their neighbors. Student years are financially tough. The site will allow students to auction off their services for a little extra cash. Neighbors might not want and/or need to pay top dollar for professional services that a college student might able to do. The site will always allow non-college students to create an auction for services that they are looking for. 2-Part Assignment. PART 1: Create a directory of categories and subcategories for this website in regards to the services college students might be able to offer/do. Please note that not all categories might contain subcategories. For example, a student might be able to offer tutoring services. So the category will be tutoring and its subcategories would be math, business, finance, economics, etc. But, the category of babysitting, for example, might not be have subcategories. Your job is to research and create categories and subcategories that cover as many potential services that students might have to offer and neighbors willing to take. This will require knowing these two groups well. Your focus should not only be on manual labor because students have a lot more to offer than that. This part of the assignment can be in a list form. PART 2: Write an "About Us" page for the website. Please be creative, You are trying to describe what the business is about in a fun and creative way that pulls the customers in – a pitch to the customers. The length is based on your own judgment, but please remember that customers want to be able to know what the site is about in 10 seconds. Customers will not read paragraphs and paragraphs about your business getting to know it. This has to be short, fun, sweet and to the point. I will provide an example. A fun and creative way to start an "Abous Us" might be by asking two questions : Are you a starving student who wants to make a little extra cash? Are you a neighbor looking for services, but don’t need to pay top dollar for a professional? You can use this example and go off if you want to. The point is to reel the customer in as quickly as possible.