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Each of your three responses should be a minimum of 100 words in length. Please be sure to include in-text (parenthetical) citations any time research is included, in APA format. There is also a fourth question, for which you are to provide a list of References in the final space provided. You are required to use at least one outside source to support your viewpoint, and this source can be the textbook.
1. How do these websites help the company strengthen its relationships with its stakeholders? List the website(s) that you previewed and give examples to support your answers. Who are the stakeholders that the company serves in your examples?
2. How can a company’s website reflect its market segments and target market? What are the characteristics of the target market from the website you reviewed?
3. Are comments from customers received by the website? How is this accomplished? If so, how does this affect the company’s attempt to build positive relationships with its customers? If not, how are relationships affected?