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Before we can answer this question, we must first determine what the Malthusian Theory is. There have been numerous opinions given on the issue of overpopulation, but Thomas Malthus’ took center stage. Simply put, he believed “that population size increases far more rapidly than food and energy resources and as a result, population growth will always threaten to outstrip food supplies” (Kornblum, p. 535). This logic became what we now know as the Malthusian Theory.
Taketia, Theseia, Edweena, Judy, Ryan, and I (LaTonya) have come together to apply this theory to different areas of interest. Notwithstanding our varying opinions, we make them knowing that our evaluations must look beyond the potentially subjective, and channel the social scientist within us to formulate our answer.
Among this group you will find the majority “Cornucopian”, the optimists, who believe that there are endless possibilities to control populations and devise resource solutions (Simon, 1996; Singer, 1999). On the other hand, the “Catastrophists” among us believe in the possibility of rapid population growth…