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Magic Johnson More than an Average Athlete
In my life, I had many people who I really admire from Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Sean Carter (Jay-z), and Robert Johnson. Others who have influenced me in my development of a person were my parents; my mother and my father were there for everything I have done in my life. The person who I model myself after is Earvin Johnson jr. also known as Magic Johnson. There are many reasons why but all really point to him defeated in adversity in many facets of life. In my point of view my life and his has some similarities and differences. Other than for athletics, he has more to offer then the average retired player. I also liked how he showed strength in the face of gloom and trouble.
Johnson was born in Lansing, Michigan and had many siblings (2). In addition, he lived with his mother and father, his mother was a school janitor, and his father was a worker for and General Motors (2). Like many young children named after their parents, he had gained the nickname of “Junior” or “June bug” (2). In my similarities to him I to have many siblings, though not at the amount of nine but it was a number of three with myself being the eldest. Another thing that is a true similarity is Junior also my nickname because; I have my Father’s name.
Unlike Johnson, I did not have his basketball ability. As a young child, he will practice daily at seven thirty and dribble his basketball using opposite hands just to have great ball control(2). Although not as talented as Johnson, I treat my knowledge of sports as serious, while patterning many stats, strategies, and players’ abilities.
From the beginning of his rise to fame came during his high school years. As a sophomore, he had a great game when he scored thirty-six points, 16 assist and sixteen rebounds (2). After that game sportswriter, “Fred Stably Jr.” gave him the nickname magic (1). In his last year in high school his team won the state championship with the record 25-1 while Averaging twenty-eight points and sixteen rebounds a game(2). Afterward he said he wanted to stay close to home for college choice. His choice was Michigan State University because it was East Lansing, Michigan (2).
My High school Career nothing like his, but I did accomplished many things that did pattern my life after his. Though I never played basketball, I was an adequate baseball player who earned the nickname of stretch because of my reach and catching ability. A thing we both shared in common was that we have both won High school state championships. Although I was never the star player, I contributed and played my role to the best of my ability. While making decision for college I made the choice to stay at school that is close to my home.
The next period in Johnson career was college where he created a flare in his only two seasons in college. In his first year he lead his team to a Big Ten (basketball) title (3). With his team’s record at twenty-five and five he average seventeen points, eight rebounds, and seven assists(2). However, in sophomore year he led his team to a NCAA championship and defeated Indiana State University (with then rival Larry bird) (2). Afterwards, he decided to go into the NBA and became the first Pick by the Los Angeles Lakers (3).
Unlike Johnson, I am in college currently, and I have intent to lead just like Johnson. In many ways besides sports, I am helping friends with many ideals and choices. Another thing is different between my intent in college is to stay for the entire stint and develop myself into a responsible man. Johnson did display it when he left college being mature and being a leader and more of a responsible man after college.
In the professional level of his life after college he was drafted to a revamped Lakers team, that featured by Kareem Abdul Jabbar (3). In that season, he had the same stats in his rookie year as he had his first year in college and was the first rookie to start in the All-star game. However, in that year he did not win Rookie of the year because his college rival Larry Bird had a Better season (1). However, that did not stop Johnson to win the MVP of the Playoffs and win a Championship his rookie year (1).
I would love to have my Life emulate his in the career that I will choose. In his first game, his is exuberant and in that I would take that into everything, I will do in my life. In that year, he was energetic and displayed it while he played. In fact, it persuades me to bring a lot of energy into everything because you receive many accolades; those include a championship and a MVP award. Although I might never win an award, I still need it because it impresses the people who are the leaders and give me a complement or promotion.
Throughout the remainder of the 1980,’s he got better and received more attention and was one of the most beloved players in the NBA (3). In He finished winning five Championships and winning a gold medal in the Olympics being part of the original dream team (3). However, between his championships, the Lakers had battles between them and the Boston Celtics with college rival Larry Bird (3). Two of the Championships won by Boston were at the fate of Johnson and the Lakers (3). Nevertheless, the Championships he won Mvp 3 times and was the citizenship award winner in 1992(3).
However, things change when discovered to have HIV and AIDS (3). When he announced it the world was sadden. Nevertheless, he fought hard and came back to the NBA at many positions; he first came back as a player, then coach, and now owner and Vice president (3). This has really impressed me with how he fought adversity and overcame it to become one of the greatest stories in the twenty-first century now that he is AIDS free(3).
Now he is a prominent businessperson who is on the verge of becoming a billionaire now that his net worth is 900 million dollars. The thing he has done was he has saved all his money from his rookie year and was intelligent when he did many sponsorships and advertisements as a young NBA player. Johnson has influenced me not because of his Athletic achievements but his Business Achievements in the Magic Johnson Theater and Starbucks (1).