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According to the National Council for Adoption, the estimated national yearly average for children being adopted is fifty thousand. Out of these children half are still infants. The state of Virginia has a population of roughly 7.8 million. Based on the national figures on adopted children in the United States this would place on average only 156 children adopted from the state of Virginia annually. However, numbers can only tell half the story. The policies around the adopting of children—both domestic and international—have been under intense scrutiny in recent years, including China’s most recent changes in the way they screen potential adopters.
But what do you really know about adoption? Even more to the point, who do you know that is adopted or whose lives have been forever changed by it? Yes, there is statistical data, the dispelling of myths surrounding adoption and its policies, and even more resources on how agencies currently help place children with new and loving families. Yet, most importantly, we as adults must take a step back and se…