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look into the artist below, and to specifically reference some of them and (or) their work in the paper.
1: The Barnstormers
2: Curiot
3: Banksy
4: Boronodo
5: You Are Beautiful
6: Shepard Fairey
7: Isaac Cordal
After reviewing the information on the above artist, what do you think the real social value of street art is. The writer needs to write a paragraph per question below.
Do you think it serves a real purpose? (i.e. is there something street art can do that other forms of expression.)How does it relate to art movements we’ve seen previously? Be specific to the movements, artist, and artwork.Fifty years from now, how do you think people will look back on street art being created to day? Positively or Negatively, and why?
Do you have any concerns with street art becoming popular through the world as it has? Do you think it’s doing damage to todays society?
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