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Long Essay Options for Critical Reading 101
Wow, we are almost at the end of our time as a cohesive unit, so that means we are heading to the most important parts of assessment!!!
Here are the topic options:
1) Explain how Peters tells Regan and Liam’s story in flashback and how that connects to the theme of the book. Please include exactly what you believe the lessons learned in this book include and how it relates to life experience using text to text or text to life
2) Compare and contrast this book with any other book you have recently read that contains similar subject matter. Use details and references from both books to enhance your essay and support your thesis. 3) Analyze the relationship between Regan and Liam/Luna and their interactions. How does Liam’s growth vary with Regan’s and vice versa? Explain the parents’ cardboard cutout characterizations in the book and how it impacts the development of Regan and Liam and
their development as a family.
4) How would you characterize the family dynamic here? Why are the parents such “cartoons” here? Who is
more to blame here, mom or dad? Why? Explain how this dynamic sets the tone for the book.
A) Submit as a word document times new roman #12 font double spaced.
B) 5-7 pages in length.
C) Submission to the Online writing center (Links to an external site.) and using their feedback to complete your paper is required for full credit.
E) Final Copies are
Some Writing Tips:
1) Use some significant prewriting process or strategy such as the paragraph frames document or outlining before you start writing a draft.
2) Make a strong thesis statement as you prewrite so that your essay provides some “ahas” and engagement for the reader.
3) Provide citations and details from the book to enhance and support your points. You need to provide evidence of engaged reading of this book in your essay.
4) Strong conclusions are essential. When you go to a restaurant, the meal could be excellent, the service adequate but if the coffee and dessert are terrible, you won’t go back. Why, because the last part is the first part we recall.
5) Really good conclusions extend the thesis statement providing new perspective on your issue as a result of pondering what you’ve read.
Please read the document carefully and click on the and examine the rubric below to see how the assignment will be graded.
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