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One of the most recognized attribute of Chaucer’s narrative was the ability to create characters that embodied features distant from the fiction, making them very real and believable through the writing. To verify this statement it is necessary to examine Chaucer’s work. The most celebrated of them is the collection of stories “The Canterbury Tales” (originally written in Middle English) which were the last work of Geoffrey Chaucer and perhaps the best of the middle ages in England. Therefore, for literary reasons, three characters were taken for an analysis to distinguish the level of transcendence recognized (if any) in their inner and outer lives.
When is said that the characters created by Chaucer had features distant from the fiction, it is referring to aspects that made them real, in other words, made them like us, common people that commit sins, have values and virtues, have regular jobs (or not) and have problems and not always face them, or leave gracefully.
In the general prologue to The Canterbury Tales were seen the hierarchical barriers being broken by joining representa…