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It is difficult to overstate the important role that the Internet plays in public libraries. Patrons can use the Internet to find information, access services, and maintain connections with social media, while library staff can use the Internet to access informational resources, compile and maintain library statistics, stay networked with other libraries, and store files on “the cloud” . The Alberta government is working to make high-speed Internet available in all public libraries across the province; as of 2009, they had nearly reached their goal (just 15 of Alberta’s 310 municipal public libraries that were not able to get high-speed Internet access due to problems with their infrastructure) (Alberta Municipal Affairs, 2009). This demonstrates that the Internet and public libraries are becoming intrinsically linked, and shows the need for library staff to be aware of how they and their patrons can and cannot use the Internet.
In order to address the rapidly-changing nature of technology, laws regarding the Internet must be updated frequently. Unfortunately, this can make …