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Legacies of Human Evolutionary History”  This eye-opening lesson discusses the interaction between human biology and culture, as well as human impact on the environment.  It begins with a discussion of human life history, from birth to senescence. The biocultural evolution of dietary patterns is demonstrated, with an emphasis on the ancestral diet and the influence of agricultural practices on modern diets. The impact of these changes on human health is also discussed. Finally, Melvin J. Konner takes a look at human interaction with other organisms and the environment.
Choose one of these topics.  [Ch. 14 pp. 362-368;  Ch. 15 pp. 388-395]

a. Consider the issues of Hominin brain evolution as well as issues of birth, growth & aging that Kim R. Hill describes.  Discuss what you have learned here that will impact your future life style.
b. What is the so-called “thrifty gene” and why might it have evolved?  Does it have anything to do with diabetes and/or obesity?  Address & discuss these issues.
c. Describe & discuss some of the consequences of the human impact on planet earth.  Consider issues of biodiversity, resistant bacteria, and the “thrifty gene”
d. When you see terms presented onscreen, take note, get the definition/meaning, and know that such will come back to haunt you in quizzes and exams.
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 ,Legacies of Human Evolutionary History