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In a seeming paradox, Japan witnessed one of the longest periods of peace and stability
under the rule of the of the Tokugawa family. From warriors to rulers, these shogun led Japan
with a controlling hand during the Edo period from 1600 to 1868. Seeking to preserve Japanese
ideals and limit outside influence, the shogun government restricted movement in and out of
Japan. Despite this isolation, agricultural innovations and the development of merchant products
brought about the growth of new cities, the constructions of roads, and an increase in population.
Sequestered from the West, Japan flourished under the Tokugawa reign. Yet their rallying call to
“Revere the Emperor” became a harbinger of doom as the lure of the outside world could not be
The Edo period was established after a power struggle which resulted in the Battle of
Sekigahara. Tokugawa emerged as the acknowledged victor, ushering in the reign of the
shogunate. The period was marked by strong rulers whose unique contributions carried Japan
forward. Oda Nobunaga laid the groundwork for the …