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Is concise with clear topic sentence, thesis statement and indication of the outline and purpose of the paper.
How well and thoroughly does the student explain the issue? Do they understand their own sources (film, articles, text) and convey this understanding clearly?
How well does student explore the issue critically?
Use of Theory: How well does the student relate the discussion to social science theory?
Conclusion: re-iteration of main points and thesis plus some originality and policy suggestion/s.
Clarity of Argument: How convincing, direct, substantiated, logical, and clear is the argument as presented?
In-text citation used for ALL information other than thesis statement, conclusion, and perhaps some topic sentences of paragraphs.
Paragraphs are ordered logically, have clear topic sentences, contain only relevant info, are less than one page (double-space) in length, with smooth transitions.
General grammar and writing style:
Does the student use proper references such as the textbook and peer-reviewed journals and avoid pure speculation, “common knowledge”, lecture notes, and non-academic sources?
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 ,Critical Social Problem