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Introduction: You will watch a video and then do some research before writing an essay, in which you answer specific questions and reference any information you received from an outside source.
1. View the 15-minute video “The Battle of Pickett’s Mill”
Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player to watch the video.
2. Write an essay of no more than three (3) pages in which you address the following questions. You do not have to answer these questions in any particular order:
What were the objectives of the opposing forces? How did those objectives fit into the objectives of the campaign of which the battle was a part?
How did OCOKA (observation, cover and concealment, obstacles, key terrain and avenues of approach) factors affect the area of operations? What special advantages did it give to the attackers or to the defenders? [For more on OCOKA, see attached file “Introduction to Terrain Analysis” below.]
What were the principal combat and supporting units involved in the operation? What were the comparative force ratios and types of forces, if relevant?
What feasible courses of action (COA) were available to the antagonists? What was the best COA? Why? What COA was chosen? Why?
What was the morale of the troops before the fighting, and did it change after fighting began? How did specific leaders or terrain or light or weather affect morale?
Who were the leaders, and how effective were they during this operation?
What key decisions or events or other factors turned the battle toward one side or the other?
Did either side achieve its objectives? Did the battle provide any advantage to the winning side or any disadvantage to the losing side?
What historical military lessons may be learned from this battle? Which principles of war does this battle illustrate? (See Principles of War and Definitions and Doctrines of the Military Art )
What is the significance of the battle? Consider both short and long term impact.
3. Apply any learned material from this course’s readings to this film.
4. Provide citations for any reference material consulted when researching your essay, and use quotation marks to distinguish someone else’s thoughts from your own.
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