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Internet Privacy: Is the Internet Really Safe?
With every generation, they bring with them a new invention, to advance us both
technologically and scientifically, and thus make life better for us all. Technology, as defined in
the New Lexicon Webster’s Dictionary of the English Language, is “the science of technical
processes in a wide, though related field of knowledge”. Technology, then can be anything as long
as it helps us advance in some way. The technology of the 21st Century is the Internet or cyber
space. The Internet was invented in the late 1960s. Back then, the Department of Defense called it
ARPAnet (Advanced Research Projects Agency network) and it was intended to link research
facilities, defense contractors, and government agencies. The first public demonstration of
ARPAnet was in 1972 and technicians proudly displayed a network that connected 50 universities
and research facilities. Today there are millions of computers on the Internet. Electronic mail
(e-mail) and Usenet (short for “user network”) news groups were the first applications. Telnet
gave a researcher on one campus the ability to use a computer on another campus. The University
of Minnesota developed a “gopher” program to help users find information and “go for” it.
Forerunners of today’s Web-based search engines included Archie and Veronica. Those who
named the service…