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Internet Privacy: Government Should Not Regulate Encryption or Cryptography
Privacy rights have been an important issue through out time, and it has been increasing in importance as we have moved into the electronic/information age. Keeping that privacy had become a growing concern for many businesses and consumers. With all the information being sent across the web, people are very concerned about their personal information falling into the wrong hands. One way to help protect your privacy on the net is by using an encryption program. Even though they are not completely unbreakable, an encryption program is one of the best ways to protect against outside intrusions. Despite this fact, the government wants too place legislation on encryption services that can be a potential danger to both the development of encryption systems and to your rights.
According to the ACLU, the Clinton Administration adopted the “Clipper Chip” plan in 1993. This proposal would require every user of encryption to give the government their decryption keys. This, essentially, would give the governme…