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Internet and Technology – Carnivore and the Public’s Privacy
Abstract: This paper discusses the potential for widespread invasion of the public’s privacy on the Internet by the United States government. In particular, the paper will address the Carnivore system employed by the FBI. It will show the privacy issues that are raised by the FBI’s attempt to create an Internet wiretap system.
In today’s world, where the Internet has pervaded so many aspects of our daily lives, it is important to consider the security of the information one transmits digitally over a network. Ideally, any transmitted data would reach its intended destination without ever being visible to anyone else. Unfortunately, the very nature of computer networks makes this impossible. Carnivore attempts to take advantage of this in order to create the equivalent of an Internet wiretap. However, the present implementation raises certain privacy issues.
Carnivore is the FBI’s attempt to create the digital equivalent of an analog wiretap. Carnivore functions like many other pac…