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A 1. Why is it important for a firm to be engage in international competitiveness and
to compete in the world marketplace?
I 2. Discuss the benefits of international trade for workers and what are the
challenges of the international trading system?
3. What foreign exchange transactions do banks typically engage in?
4. Does foreign direct investment hinder or help economic development?
2′: 5. Is the threat of international terrorism 3 challenges to globalization?
A,‘ ’ 1. was it be impossible to keep low-skilled jobs in the U.S.?
i 2. What are the essential arguments in favor of free trade?
“I ‘ i
3. Explain how immigration and trade may worsen wage inequality, and how
l . A college education may mitigate against that.
i 2‘ i.
that a MNE is and discuss why it may be a source of conflict?
6. A reference section including all sources cited in the review of the literature.