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IMC proposal for Nintendo WiiU
– Executive summary
– Market or industry definition and parameters. (Example: the value of the industry in UK) :
What are the segments in the market?
– Situation Analysis (Micro and macro) :
Market dynamics & trends focussing on opportunities and threats (How will you deal with opportunities and threats )?
– SWOT analysis (Matrix) should be in a table and how will you solve each weakness and threat? Plus how will you make use of the opportunity? ) all in one table.
• Competitor evaluation (Sony and Microsoft) with leading to summation of relative strengths and weaknesses
Overview of selected brand – current overview of Nintendo’s WiiU
Outline of current brand’s marketing activity with a focus on communications (What are their current marketing activities?)
This should answer the question: ‘where are we now?
Overview of selected brand Outline of current brand’s marketing activity
with a focus on communications
• This should answer the question: ‘where are we now?
Clarification of strategic marketing opportunity to be developed for the brand detailing the recommendation for future. SWOT/ Ansoff /Keller (Brand)
This should answer the question: “Where do we want to be?
• (Smart Objectives) The quantified marketing objectives and the implications for the Integrated Marketing Communications.
Summary of financial analysis ( financial analysis of the consoles from product release in Nov 2012 till date competing with PS4 and XboxOne whcich were released only in 2013) – type in google :
VG charts UK you will find the sales figures there ) as appropriate throughout the discussion (including competitors)
Summary -outlining the proposal for marketing communications (What are the marketing tools you will use to communicate the selected product? (must be in UK) :
– More advertising? Where and how? What medium ? if TV make sure there is a budget for that , or radio which should be based on previous spendings (In the UK)
– PR events? Where in uk? Is it in London? and how ? why using the events? Eventully to increase awareness . Example (have gaming competitions)
– Include a table of timeline of the of the campaign. (will attach an example)
Your discussion must be presented using appropriate analytical frameworks.
PEST/ SWOT/Ansoff/4Ps/ Keller etc
• IMC proposal should be an outline of what are you “Proposing”
• Make sure that the product is (WiiU) not (Wii) .
• All data should be UK based.
• Financial analysis should be “critically analysed” (Mention why the sales dropped? What happened)
• Please note that the focus is on WiiU , not Nintendo’s other products.
• You should propose Ansoff Matrix for the future + use Theory (not just listing them)
• Budget should be allocated (Look at the prices of advertisments of different media in UK , list the prices based on the type of medium and time of the advertisement)
• Indirect competitors might be mobile games and other tablet games.