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Instructions for Part ONE: Map Exercise. In your interactive lectures you had two maps that required your interaction. One of these two maps will be on the exam.
Instructions for Part TWO: List the following events, in the order in which they happened, starting with the earliest.
The Seven Years War
The Salem Witch Trials
The signing of the Declaration of Independence
Jamestown founded
The American Revolution
The first boatload of human cargo set sail from Africa to the “New World”
King Phillip’s War
Columbus sets sail for the “Enterprise of the Indies”
Martin Luther hangs his 95 Thesis Against Indulgences on Witttenberg
Cathedral’s door
The last redcoats sailed from New York City, ending 176 years of colonial rule
Instructions for Part THREE: Terms – Know the definition of each term. On the exam I will give the definition and you will need to know the term.
Middle Passage
Ethnocentrism (I talked about the first time I came to your class, if you do not remember, make sure you look it up in a dictionary)
Queen Isabella
Great Migration
Mayflower Compact
Columbian Exchange
Martin Luther
Indentured Servant
Ferdinand Magellan
Protestant Reformation
John Smith
Bartholomew Gosnold
Salem Witch Trials
John Cotton
John Newton
Instructions for Part FOUR: Your essay will be based on the following question. You will be required to write a complete essay, fully answering the question. You will be required to write in complete sentences, incorporating specific examples. Your essay must have an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, four paragraphs in the body (one for each question) and a concluding paragraph. The essay will be worth 35points. The Rubric below the essay assignment will help you develop a great essay.
You can prepare this essay before the exam, but, you will not be able to “copy and paste” from your word processor into the exam. You will have to either write or type out your essay beforehand, and then reenter once you have come to that question on the exam. This is the only way that it will work.
Columbus Day, which is annually on the second Monday of October, pays tribute to Columbus’ ocean voyage in 1492. From our study in class we know that Columbus was not the first European to sail to the New World.
-Why is Christopher Columbus given credit for “discovering” the New World?
-There were several million people in the New World that had civilizations that surpassed Europe at that time (Cahokia). How does this fact fit into the justification for Europeans to come to the New World to save the uncivilized savages and to take their land? Remember that beginning in 1492 Catholic priests sailed with the explorers to help save the savages.
– Was Columbus involved in the genocide of the Tiano people of Hispaniola ?
– Is Columbus a villain or a hero? Be specific in your argument of this question.
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