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The population of India is in trouble. They are facing widespread overpopulation
and the second largest AIDS epidemic in the world. The objective is to point out the
differences in Indian and US population compositions, total fertility rates, economic
conditions, disease control policies, growth, and literacy rates. These comparisons will
help to put India’s population problems in perspective. Together, these two countries
house the second and third largest populations on the Earth. To put it in perspective, of
the 6.1 billion people who exist on earth, seventeen percent are either Indians or
Americans (Haub, 3). If India continues to experience high growth rates and spreading
disease they will be in ruins.
Composition Differences
The population of the United States is currently around 285 million people (Haub,
4). Americans range from newborn to those who have been around since the last century.
Their religions range from Protestant, Catholic, Jewish to Muslim. The population
consists of ages: 0-14 years: 21.25%, 15-64 years: 66.11%, and 65 years and over:
12.64% (Wo…