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In what way should the UK CAP/BCAP Codes be reformed
Paper instructions:
To answer this question you are advised to offer either a macro-level discussion of the
ethics of advertising regulation as a whole or to highlight a micro-level aspect of the
current CAP codes that you believe needs reform. Whichever option you chose, in
preparing your answer you should ensure you have understood the operation of the CAP
codes and the content of the CAP codes. You should also ensure you have a developed and consistent idea about how you think advertising works in markets, the media and
society. Contained within your answer, you should understand your own implicit ethical
and political assumptions. In addition, as one element of this module focuses on the
technical skills of creating persuasive texts, all assignments will be judged in terms of
their language, formatting and style (please follow the writing guide on Moodle).
Marks will be awarded in regard to the following criteria:
1. Does the assignment set out a clear argument that answers the question?
2. Does the assignment demonstrate an understanding of the regulatory system for
UK advertising?
3. Does the assignment justify its argument with evidence and support from
appropriate sources including relevant psychological and sociological theories?
4. Does the assignment offer a balanced account that reflects on its own
5. Is the assignment formatted as academic text with full referencing details?ORDER THIS ESSAY HERE NOW AND GET A DISCOUNT !!!