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The Process To Happiness
1.          A good friend of mine, whom I watched over the years suffer from being lonely. Her only desire in life was to have kids. Due to health issues she could not conceive on her own. After years of trying she did some research and decided she would try the In vitro process. She was pleased with her experience, and recommends the process for struggling women who cannot conceive on their own.
2.          The In vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body. The (IVF) is one of the common treatments known for infertility when other methods have failed. “The process involves monitoring a women’s ovulatory process removing egg (or eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a fluid medium in a laboratory”. “The fertilized egg is then transferred to the patient uterus with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy”. After the procedure there is a waiting process. During this stage of treatment injections and bed rest are recommended. There is not a 100% guaranteed In vitro will take the first try.
3.          I remember those days before she made the decision of having the (IVF), the emptiness I would see in her eyes, her laughter had no joy it was as if she was cold and in a dark place inside. Although she was married and had a lot of friends and family to support her she seemed incomplete. We would invite her out as a source of distraction and fun but still it was as she wasn’t even there. All she could think of is all the pain she was going through because of the rejection her body was going through.
4.        Today’s media shows how many celebrities have gone through successful (IVF) process. A day I can never forget is September 26 of 2011 when I received a very interesting call from my friend. I had to double look at my phone because the tone in her voice was if there was hope. I can almost see the smile in her face over the phone. This is where she told me she has been doing some research and she has decided she would try the (IVF) process.
5.        A couple of days later we met together at home where we discussed the research she had done about the (IVF) process. The (IVF) has been a subject of moral controversy over the years. One of the pros of it is; it helps infertile couples by giving them hope of having kids. Another pro is preventing birth defects. “An important scientific argument for (IVF) was that by studying fertilization and early embryonic development outside the womb scientist might learn more about how to prevent certain birth defects”. “Proponents also noted the possibility that knowledge gleaned from (IVF) would advance medicine in general helping with prenatal care”.
6.        Like everything that has pros, there are also cons. One of its cons is that it creates sick or malformed babies. “Critics feared deformed babies rife with terminal illness”. After all this information it left us with a lot to think off. Although the information was over whelming, the desire to have kids won the argument. She started the procedure also knowing that it might not work on the first try.
7.        To her surprise she had a successful outcome. On August 17th 2012 she welcomed into this world not one but two beautiful and healthy babies. The best feeling was to be in the hospital to see the look on her face when she first saw her babies. Sparkles came out her eyes and she started to cry, tears of joy and happiness. It was as if she was reborn into this new person full of love. Words can’t explain the amazing feeling she was experiencingg.
8.        Although, the (IVF) has been controversial in TV. To my friends experience it gave her the best results she could have ever imagined. Even though I did not personally go through the experience myself I felt as if I did. I was there for moral support and was able to see how this experience changed her life for the better. This experience goes to show that when you really want something you can achieve it. There is always going to be pros and cons in any situation that presents to you. It is up to you to personally decide what is best for you in your circumstances. I guess you’ll never know until you try.
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Essay One EN 101 HCC Analyzing A Text
1. Read chapter 7, pages 38-58.
2. Do the assigned journals on the model readings.
3. Fill in your preparation activities form.
4. Do the assigned drafting activities.
5. Underline your thesis.
6. Type in proper college format:
Format: size 12 font, New Times Roman, double-spacing, 1 inch margins, page numbers in the header in the upper right corner, one tap for paragraph markers, two tabs for block quotations, centered titles and title quotations. The following heading, flush left and single-spaced, should be at the top of every paper submitted: Your name, my name, course and section number, the assignment/title number, and the due date.
7. Length: 3-4 pages minimum.
8. Think of this essay as an extension of our workshop on reading skills, only for this assignment you can consider other texts such as music, TV shows, speeches, the art work in the halls of HCC,
advertising media, etc. Keep your topic small and focused. Be sure to summarize the text, consider its context, make a clear statement about its real meaning or agenda,  and give reasons for your conclusions.
9. Originality/New Knowledge: Choose a text that most student writers would not consider. Do not be too quick to identify the slant or bias in a text or visual. Do not fall for the obvious!
10. As you work through various drafts, you must consider this all-important question:
“So what?”. Why does my essay matter to the reader in 2008 in American society? Think big! What are you saying that is relevant and important to today’s reader? What are you saying that provides some insight into life today? What makes your essay and subject different and special than others on the same subject?
11. Folders must be the proper color and turned in on time. Deadlines do not change unless I authorize a new one. The folder will not be accepted late.
12. Revise with chapters 26 and 27 as your starting point.
13. Use the Academic Support Center for more editing and proofreading.
14. Review your class notes and my notes on your previous essays.
15. Prepare a brief oral presentation, if required.
16. Peer reviewing another student’s paper will also help you with your work.
17. Include all preparation and drafting items in your portfolio. Folders must be green and turned in on time. Deadlines do not change unless I authorize a new one. The folder will not be accepted late.
18. Back up everything!
19. Make the deadline!
20. Things to think about:
“Good writing is essentially good rewriting.” Dahl
“The audience fails to understand the writer because the writer has failed to understand the audience.” Anonymous
“Never underestimate your readers’ intelligence or overestimate their information.” Old newspaper saying.
“Easy writing makes hard reading.” Hemingway