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In this activity, we are going to focus upon presentation of the self. Before beginning, please make sure that you have read the Goffman essay.
In order to complete this exercise, you will act as observers. Be sure to write in explicit detail exactly what you see, so that your peers will understand clearly what you are describing. Here are the instructions:
1. You are to go to your work or to a public place and sit for half an hour and watch people. Notice if there are any similarities in how the people you watch express themselves. For example: You are in the mall and you see a group of ten-year-old girls. The girls are all wearing skirts, all have pigtails, all have pierced ears, and all have tap shoes. You could surmise that this group may be dressed for a tap class or performance. They are presenting themselves as dancers.
2. Write a 275-350 word post that describes what you saw and what you think is happening. Please explain how you can apply Goffman’s theory.
3. Once you have completed the post, read through the posts of your peers and choose at least two of your peers to respond to by answering the question: “How else could this group be presenting themselves?”
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 ,Expressing the world Around You