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In the Learning Set this week, you will continue to dialogue about your workplace-based problem. As you engage in the problematising process and begin taking action, consider how this week’s concepts and models inform your understanding of your workplace-based problem.
In this week’s media resource, Caroline presented her initial problem statement to her Learning Set, and they engaged in a series of questions that helped her see the problem from a different perspective. Consider the information you have gained over the past weeks and answer the following questions about your practice environment:
• What new information have you learned from your practice environment, and how does it affect your initial problem statement?
• What new questions are you now considering (as they relate to your initial problem statement).
• What is learned in action learning? Using the readings, explore how action learning works and how it can help you learn as a leader.
Discuss your initial problem statement and how you might revise it based on your initial search for literature.
Part B. Reflection
Reflect on your experience throughout the course and how you will use your new statistical skill set in the dissertation phase of your degree program. Include a brief assessment of what you have learned. In 2-3 paragraphs, cover the following:
1.What were the three most important concepts you learned?
2.How will the material in this course help you in your dissertation work?
3.What would you like to have seen covered that wasn’t or what would you have liked more practice with?
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