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In the current global climate, partnerships of all forms have become a central part of this new age. For example, international humanitarian assistance has become a vast industry. Intergovernmental and interagency partnerships and alliances are being developed to respond to increasing aid assistance particularly in post-conflict, post-disaster, and transition governments around the world. Take for example the UN agencies such as FAO, UNDP, UNHCR, and UNICEF with other multiple national affiliates serving in post-conflict, post- disaster, and transition government countries. A considerable number of partnerships and alliances have evolved over a period of time with such NGOs. Some of the goals of the NGOs have been to restore normalcy and strengthen the capacity of such countries or organisations. While such agencies have achieved substantial success globally, like most products, there are anomalies, redundancies, and inefficiencies. Some of the challenges have been – competition among aid agencies, a lack of connectedness and investment in local and national capacities, effectiveness of programs, relevance and appropriateness of such programs, top-down orientation, lack of transparency, creating aid dependency and entangling it with political and strategic motives and efforts, and, a lack of contextual knowledge and cultural insensitivity.
Critically discuss, analyse, interpret and comment on this statement by researching a particular context with regard to interagency partnership practice
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