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In his influential book Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964), Marshall McLuhan argued that a medium itself is not simply an instrument/tool by which
we deliver specific “contents.” He argued, “the medium is the message.” To illustrate, he pointed out that the audience’s perception of the leadership qualities of
Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy was not determined by the two presidential candidates’ messages.  Instead, it was the medium (TV vs. radio) that shaped the
audience’s understanding of the two candidates’ leadership qualities.
In line with of McLuhan’s perspective, I invite you to examine the role modern computer technology has played in re-shaping the process or even the essence of
teaching and learning.  More specifically, please review the following video clip:
McLuhan’s explanation of “the medium is the message” is available at:

To learn more about Marshall McLuhan, please click the following link:
In addition, click the following link to view The 1st Kennedy/Nixon Presidential Debate -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6Xn4ipHiwE
Based on the above lecture notes and your personal experience, compare and contrast the medium of TV and the Internet. Next, explain how computers and the Internet
reshape our understanding and practice of “teaching” and “learning.”