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Imagine you are the leader of the IT team at the national headquarters for a company supplying western wear to an international market. The owner, Sam Yosemite, tells your IT team to provide support to four (4) new satellite offices but his instructions are vague and incoherent. You only know that the employees in the new offices (numbering about 20 staff for each) will have to be self-sufficient and mirror nearly all the applications used at headquarters, but on minimal budgets. The satellite offices will be in operation for a combined total of 24 hours each day. Each office will operate based on its own set of local business hours, which do not overlap among other satellite offices. Your IT staff is solely responsible for providing support to the satellite offices. Your boss needs to keep the costs for licensing and support low or risk cutting into the budget for the IT staff salaries.
1.Differentiate between best uses of Active Directory (AD) versus New Technology File System (NTFS) permissions.
2.Analyze how you would utilize NTFS permissions for security and appropriate access.
3.Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of different application server options. Be specific in your configuration specifications.
4.Choose an application server option that best suits the needs described by the scenario and explain why the application server option you chose is best.
5.Determine the best way configure and deploy file server(s).
6.Determine how to configure and deploy printers.
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