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Imaginary Business Action Plan
For this item of course work I have been asked to produce a
comprehensive study into starting an imaginary business of my choice
in the Ballymena district in which I live. To help me proceed through
this I will develop an inclusive action plan which will allow me to
see how well I’m progressing through the time that I have been given.
The action plan will also help me with the points that I must cover to
ensure this study is comprehensive.
In order for this study to be comprehensive and not lacking in detail
or facts I must research all aspects of starting a business. I will be
using books, the internet and contacting similar business to aid me in
my research; this type is all classified as desk research, all the
results will be quantitative rather than qualitative. I will also use
field research such as questionnaires which is more qualitative.
I propose to start a large electrical superstore retail outlet; I have
decided to make my business a LTD, as this lets me have full control

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