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(iii) practical task accompanied by rationale
(indicatively 2,000 for text elements of the project + 500 words rationale) (50% of total mark)
For this task, you are asked to apply your language and communication skills to create real-life communication products for specific purposes and audiences. Completing this task will encourage you to demonstrate your understanding of global communication principles and theories as well as develop your employability skills and get an insight to the sector you are interested in. To complete your selected task, you will need to research existing communication products, delimit the target audience addressed, and familiarise yourself with the key principles and challenges involved in the design of the communication product in question. You are strongly encouraged to liaise with professionals in the domain of your interest to find out more about the challenges and constraints involved in the sector and to ask users about their expectations and needs to get a better sense of your target audience (your tutors may help you in bringing you in contact with professionals – make sure you ask them in early stages of your project planning). The practical task should be in the area of 2,000 words (for any text-based component) and it can be multimodal, i.e. it can be realised in any format appropriate to your chosen topic, stated aims and target audience (e.g. hardcopy, booklet, online content, blog, audio, video etc.).
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