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I would like to get a research paper on Israel Political figure Yitzhak Rabin. The main topic I want to research is Rabin’s influence and importance in the Israel and Palestinian conflict. I would like to analyze his death, and how his death impacted the conflict resolution between both countries. I would mainly like to look at how peace between Israel and Palestine was affected by his death and if peace could have been reached if he was not killed? The topics I would like to be covered throughout research paper are listed below:
– Rabin’s rise to power & origins in the military – Background
– First and Second terms as Prime Minister of Israel
– Importance of the figure in Israel and Palestine Conflict and role in reaching peace
– Relationship with USA
– Historical agreements he was able to reach to enable peace
– Ideals and movement & importance
– Relationship with Yasser Arafat and other Palestinian leaders
– How and why he won the Noble Peace prize in in 1994
– Assassination of Rabin by Jewish Israel Extremist
– If not assassinated would peace have been reached to some extent?
– Impact of Rabin on Israel and Palestinian conflict after being assassinated
– Legacy of Rabin – what is he remembered for, impact on Israel and Palestine culture
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