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I need you discuss in the paper respiratory failure: Describe causative factors, signs/symptoms, how to diagnose, treatment, and complications from treatment. Directions for paper (please follow them carefully).
1-The threaded discussion addresses the original discussion question presented. Writer will demonstrate an understanding of the topic that is relevant and thorough.
2- All material shall be based on referenced scholarly resources.
3-The threaded discussion will be in APA format and will include a title and reference page and should be a minimum of 3 pages, excluding the title and reference pages. A page minimum means full pages, not partial pages.
4- All references must be less than 5 years older. No exceptions.
5-Use the 6th edition APA format. There is a difference between that edition and the 5th edition. They are not identical. Refer to the 6th editional APA manual frequently, do not guess. No introduction heading on page 2 as the title.
6-All online references must be obtainable through one click of the mouse (PLEASE COPY THE LINK if internet source).
7-Avoid leading terms: So, because, and therefore are examples. Use of apostrophes, commas, and quotation marks should be judicious.
8-Read your paper out loud several times, before submitting the paper to check for flow and context related to grammar and spelling. Stay away from the thesaurus, it shows in your writing.
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