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I need some help to be more critical and interpret the data and link it well. Is it possible to work with the same writer because he/she knows my subject now and familiar with what I am doing. Here is my supervisor comments on the result chapters: Instead of listing what each participant said, try to draw common issues, and describe them in that paragraph. For example: Some participants were interested in how the theoretical framework and the overall training programme related to their existing practice. They found that this had helped them recognise potential cases earlier, relate to other professionals within their organization and externally, and relate better to children and parents. For example, a nurse …. A surgeon stated that… Other participants were more interested in the psychological aspects because they were directly relevant to their existing roles such as a psychologist… another psychologist.. In contrast, a psychiatrist… Then give the exact quote or quotes after that paragraph, with the participants code number and profession underneath. Try to be specific on what and why they found it useful, rather than repeating the general statements that it was useful. Then, as we discussed yesterday, relate to the literature when you can (with the odd reference – eg on the role of psychologists in child abuse work for the previous example; one on surgeons before and so on…) but without offering solutions. I will attach the result chapters and two papers on how you should present qualitative data.
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