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I have a 1500 word limit. A copy of my coursework question is below,
Zahur is from Afghanistan he arrived in the UK on 15th March 2009 when he was only 16 years old and claimed asylum that day. He is from Nangahar province the area is controlled by the Taliban and they have been known to recruit young boys from the village. Zahur fears that he will be recruited. Furthermore, Zahur lost his father and brother during fighting. Zahur has no family left in Afghanistan.
Zahur was taken out of Afghanistan by an agent. He travelled through unknown countries for three months and remained in France for two and a half months before arriving in the UK in March 2009, he did not claim asylum in France.
The Home Office took seven years to make a decision. Zahur is now 23 and is now married to a British Citizen, Maryam, she is pregnant with their first baby, who will also be a British Citizen.
Zahur has been attending college since he arrived and he has many friends and ties to the UK. He has a place at University. Maryam’s family are all British and Maryam helps care for her elderly grandmother.
The Home Office refuse his asylum claim and say that he can go and live in Kabul and that the police can protect him, they also rely on s.8 of the 2004 Asylum and Immigration (Treatment of Claimant’s) Act.
Advise Zahur on the law regarding his claim for asylum and humanitarian protection and any relevant Articles under the European Convention of Human Rights. Advise Zahur of any other relevant law or Immigration Rules that may be applicable.
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