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I come from a single parent home. I am a 22-year-old African Ameican female. I am an only child. I have an upper middle-class background. My family is all female and there are no males (divorce and no male births). Please keep this in mind when you write the paper, feel free to make up anything else you need to fill in the gaps for the paper.
Below are the instructions my teacher provided. The theories we have to choose from are feminist theory, exchange theory, symbolic interactionist theory, I was looking at the feminist theory for the paper.
Your paper for this course should focus on one family. This family can be your own or someone else’s. If you choose to focus on a family outside of your own, be prepared to spend some time interviewing at least one member of the family who is well informed about its members.
Your paper should be an examination of a family guided by one (or more) of the theories discussed in your texts or in class (these will not be mutually exclusive). You are free to look at one generation of your family or more than one. For example, theories of stratification may explain your family history two generations in the past, but you may find that political theories explain your family better in the present. Or, you can focus on individual family members whose life experiences have been shaped by a particular theoretical viewpoint in your opinion.
Remember, in your interpretation of family dynamics, there is no right or wrong. What you are trying to explain as a sociologist is the present state of your family. What do you think have been the most powerful influences? Were these influences the people or the historical circumstances? What theories best explain the single parent household that you grew up in? What theory explained your parents ‘ lives? How did these influences clash? How did they complement each other? Is your family an extended family? Why or why not? These are just a few of the questions you may want to explore.
Keep in mind that is a sociology course, and not a family therapy course. Try to explain your observations through the use of sociological theoretical perspectives. You are not required to write about any experience that makes you feel uncomfortable. Again, if writing about your own family does not appeal to you, you may write about another family.
Papers should be no longer than 2300 words, (typed, double-spaced, 11-12 pt. font, l” margins, approx.8 pages). Your “word count” should appear on the first page of your paper underneath your name. You do not need a title page but papers must contain a “Works Cited” page (aka, bibliography) that contains at least three citations, none of which can be your text or any encyclopedia, e.g. Wikipedia. Your paper’s grade will suffer if the appropriate citations do not accompany it.
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