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How was Christianity used by Europeans to obtain power and economic gain?
Your response essay should be about 1500 words, double-spaced, typed in electronic format, and submitted through this Assignments tool on this website.
The purpose of this response essay is to allow you to critically engage questions and issues which arise from the weekly readings during the first six weeks of the course. Critical does not mean negative, however. Your goal in this assignment is to discuss in a thoughtful way the issues covered in the course material. You are free to choose issues or ideas that arise from the weekly readings that you think are important. You must tell me why you think they are important and discuss them in relation to other ideas in the readings.
A key goal in this response assignment is to develop your skill in synthesizing complex information and ideas, and exploring them in order to better understand their merits and their problems. But as a learning exercise, it is important that YOU develop and discuss your OWN ideas about these readings and the issues they raise. A good response is one that tries to synthesize material from throughout the various readings in order to develop a position or a set of ideas about the course material. I don’t expect you to include everything we have read in the course, but I do think points from abouthalf the readings is reasonable (counting the Higman text as one). Think of this response as a kind of intellectual journal in which you chart your own engagement with the material and the ideas.
I always find essays easier to write (and easier to read) if I have an actual research question that I use as a guide to organize the material I think should be included and to structure my discussion of the issues.
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