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How to think theologically (HTTT) Chapter 2
Theology as Interpreting
1. Define these terms:
2. Can you think of an example of how two people might look at the same set of circumstances or read the same passage from the Bible and interpret them differently? Why does this happen?
Theology as Correlating
3. What does it mean to correlate different ideas? After reading this entire section, use your own words as much as possible to explain the meaning/practice of “correlation.” Doing so will help you better understand this process.
Theology as Assessment
4. What does it mean to offer an evaluation of the rationale and trustworthiness of a theology? (p.35) Explain how we do this and why it is important. Be sure to include a brief description of the four most common tests of adequate assessment.
5. Why do the authors say that explaining why a theological view is valid is a difficult task? Do you ever find it hard to explain why a view or perspective is valid? Why?
Chapter 3
Resources for Theological Thinking
From Theological Viewpoint to Theological Template
1. Explain how a theological template works.
2. Identify each of the four resources suggested by Stone and Duke as Important for thinking about Christian Faith and Life. Explain each of these carefully.
3. Do the authors think that any one of the four resources discussed is more important or formative for Christian Faith and Life than the others? Why? Do you see any one of them as more significant? Why? Why not? Explain in your own words how you use these four resources in your own thinking about Christian Faith and Life.
4. Briefly define these terms: Exegesis, Eisegesis, Biblical hermeneutics, proof-texting.
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