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Terrorist organizations use a variety of ways to promote their propaganda and strike
fear into the society. Among one of the most effective avenues that terrorist organizations use
to promote their cause and strike terror across the globe is use of media. Immediately, one
would ask, “wouldn’t success for terrorist organizations be based on the amount of casualties
that their mission generated as opposed to media coverage? Actually, the reverse is true,
terrorists and their organizations thrive on the media coverage that their operations generates
because of the ‘benefits’ that are associated with it. Moreover, Hoffman asserts that, all
terrorists share one trait: Each group wants “maximum publicity to be generated by its
actions.” Terrorists aim to inflict a psychological effect on the audience who are watching
their atrocities through various media outputs. As Wilkinson mentions, “for terrorism by its
very nature is a psychological weapon which depends upon communicating a threat to a
wider society. This, in essence, is why terrorism and the media enjoy a symbol…